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Earth Day Delight

Photos by Patrice Ward

Chaing Mai noodles, a chance to meet fellow environmentally–minded foodies and tips for growing organic blueberries were all part of the menu at Edible Monterey Bay’s second Popup Supper Club, with Charlie Hong Kong and the UCSC Farm & Garden.

chkBlog-2The premise of Edible Monterey Bay’s new Supper Club series is ultimately all about community building, creating opportunities for the public to come together, sharing a delicious meal and cultivating bonds that celebrate the food of our region. The platform is also aimed at thanking the magazine’s supporters, and it is exciting to think of the possibilities that could come out of the new monthly event. The magazine’s lastest Supper Club, its second, proved to be a terrific example of what could result.

chhkBlog_3Breaking from your … Read More

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Local fare gets its 15 minutes of fame

Monterey Bay’s own seafood, fruits and veggies are on the rise at Pebble Beach Food & Wine

The talent: From left, Ben Spungin, Levi Mezick, Gus Trejo and Craig von Foerster

The Monterey Bay region’s extravagant wealth of locally grown delicacies—like our talented local chefs—have generally played a minor role at Pebble Beach Food & Wine, the massive annual foodie blowout staged by Monterey’s Coastal Luxury Management. But at a special lunch held as part of PBF&W at Restaurant 1833 on April 13, local food played a starring role in a meal that also brought together some of the area’s best chefs.

Playing: Ben Spungin and Levi Mezick,
with chocolate mustaches made by Spungin

The lunch, “Vineyard, Farm & Sea: Monterey’s Bounty,” featured homegrown abalone and a variety of local … Read More

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Edible Monterey Bay’s April Supper Club

Celebrate Earth Day with Southeast Asian Street Food and a Very Special Farm Tour

charlie-hong-kong-storefrontParticipants will meet for a tour of UCSC’s Farm & Garden, at 3pm on Sunday, April 22, and experience a special tasting menu of earth-friendly and tasty, organic Southeast Asian street food dishes at 5pm at Charlie Hong Kong in Santa Cruz. Price for the event, including tour, dinner, tax and tip: $20. Charlie Hong Kong will donate $5 per participant to the Farm & Garden. Beer will be available for an additional charge. Only 30 tickets are available; click on the PayPal button below or on our home page to purchase.

Charlie Hong Kong founders Carolyn and Rudy Rudolph will host Edible Monterey Bay’s second Supper Club, an exciting Earth Day celebration on Sunday, April … Read More

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Local Talent

 A taste of the inventive and exciting things to come at Lokal; the long-awaited opening to the general public could happen as early as next week.

buildingWhen a new restaurant arrives with as much anticipation as Lokal has, it’s easy to wonder how it will live up to the hype.

But in just one night recently, the Carmel Valley creation of Brendan Jones and Matthew Zolan easily surpassed the promise of months of frothy press reports and social media frenzy with a menu that was both mind-bendingly creative and incredibly delicious. And whereas the food was full of exciting surprises (including six dishes on the prix fixe menu instead of the advertised three),bar the service had the assured calm and pleasant lack of surprises of a restaurant that’s been … Read More

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Chocolate, Monterey Bay Style: Ashby Confections


Locavore treat: A box of Ashby Confections chocolate

“We need a marshmallow renaissance!” proclaims Jennifer Ashby, owner Aptos-based Ashby Confections. “The commercial marshmallow has ruined the marshmallow’s reputation; homemade marshmallows are awesome!”

Ashby’s idea of a marshmallow renaissance is a key lime marshmallow in white chocolate with a graham cracker crust. And that’s just one of Ashby’s numerous, ridiculously creative confections, many of which the company will offer at tonight’s Independent Marketplace in Sand City. (See for more information about the market.)

Although no local chocolate maker could source all of its ingredients here in the Monterey Bay region—cacao does not grow in our climate and Ashby uses a proprietary blend of chocolate from Europe—Jennifer Ashby counts on local foods for her inspiration, and uses organic and local ingredients … Read More

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