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Do you want more? Perhaps more time in your day, more appreciation for what you do, more financial resources for making your dreams come true?

If you read this letter regularly, you’re probably expecting us to urge caution here. We might suggest that before you risk slipping down the spiritual and existential slope that leads to a trap of insatiable, unstoppable striving, you first consider what is actually enough, and whether you’re being fully present to the riches already surrounding you. And there would be wisdom in that!

But if the “more” that you’re hungering for today is more Edible Monterey Bay, we’re going to take this opportunity to shamelessly—and sincerely—agree with you. We absolutely believe you deserve more of the goodness in these pages, and we’d like to provide … Read More

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Happy Girl Expands With New Tasting Shop

November 28, 2017 – In case you were never quite ready to spring for the Emergency Bloody Mary Kit or the Orange Rosemary Marmalade without trying it first, Happy Girl Kitchen has got your number.

Just in time to create an alternative shopping experience for Black Friday, owners Jordan and Todd Champagne opened their first “tasting room” last week at 171 Central Ave. in Pacific Grove, right next door to their beloved café.

Not only does the new 400-square-foot shop give the Champagnes room to crack the lids on all of their jams and pickles, it is also providing a new home for all of the other retail products they once weaved into the decor of the café.

And that, says Jordan Champagne, provides a more pleasant shopping experience for those … Read More

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Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

September 12, 2017 – Speakers at an inspiring social investing conference sponsored by Edible Monterey Bay this week are exploring how we all can have a positive impact on our local food system when we invest with our communities in mind—and how local food businesses can tap into new channels for this community support.

Many of the comments made about food producers and purveyors at ComCap17, held in various venues in downtown Monterey, were made during a panel Monday that focused on ways to finance local farms and fisheries.

“There is a need for an ecosystem of support,” said Brett Melone, director of lending for California FarmLink, which assists farmers in buying and selling land. “We need investors that are willing to take risks that others haven’t been willing … Read More

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Grist for the Mill

On a bright summer evening this past July, we were walking across London Bridge when we noticed some young Londoners coming from the direction we were headed, engrossed in happy conversation and drinking glasses of beer as they walked. By the time we reached the other side, we felt an exciting energy all around us. How had we forgotten? We were in Southwark, the location of the famous Borough Market! With a history that some believe dates back to the year 1014, it’s known as London’s oldest produce market and boasts more than 100 food stalls.

Poignantly, this was also the site of a horrendous terrorist attack in June, but just weeks later the market was completely unbowed: tantalizing smells from the restaurants that surround it and the sounds of Read More

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Edible Notables: WAGYU WRANGLERS

When John Cox first visited the stunning, 714-acre Fess Parker Ranch in Los Olivos last year, it was just as a favor to a friend, Paul Hoyle, president of the Fess Parker hotel group. Cox found himself on a tour past the ranch’s long-established vineyards and new wagyu cattle, as owner Eli Parker sought Cox’s advice for selling the prized beef to restaurants.

But Cox immediately saw potential for something even better. He imagined creating a restaurant for the Parker family where they could serve the wagyu and other products from their ranch themselves.

“It would be such a waste for that wagyu to go out of the family— no one is going to have the same connection to those animals,” Cox says. “You talk about the terroir—as soon as

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