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ocean at night
Moonlighting: Squid are caught at night; the fishing boats in photo
above were at work off of the Pacific Grove shoreline. Drawing of
market squid by Bambi Edlund. Photo by Darrell Robinson

squidOnce Monterey stopped canning sardines in the 1960s, it quickly earned another moniker: “Calamari Capital of the World.” Yet, today, as part of a fast-food nation that prefers fish sticks to squid tubes, we seem to have lost our connection with the 10-armed cephalopod the rest of the world craves.

Bright lights will again illuminate our bay at night when the season opens in April, bringing local boats out in force to lure market squid from the depths, much as they did when the fishery began in the 1860s. Squid is still the second largest (counted in tons) … Read More

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Food Town: A very fun reinvention of the farmers’ market in Sand City

Sand City’s Independent Marketplace will be back tomorrow, Thursday, May 3, at 600 Ortiz Ave. from 4–9pm with its fresh and local organic produce, live music and terrific local drink! The theme is “Tres de Mayo,” a warmup for Mexican Independence Day; expect a tequila tasting and Latin-inspired hot foot from Vivas Organic Mexican Restaurant, Taquitos Nayarit, Mundaka, Cruz N Gourmet, Babaloo Cuban Cuisine, Aqua Terra Culinary and Wild Plum, and all sorts of local art and artisanal food products. It’s free with suggested donation to the night’s nonprofit partner, the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association. A kids’ area, an ATM and a bag check for your goodies will be provided. Read on for Mike Hale’s account of how it all got started and what a blast it was Read More

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