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Primal Fire Chef Headlines Pebble Beach Food & Wine

April 9, 2019 – They started building the fire days ago, well over a week before the “House of Mallmann” parties were set to begin at Pebble Beach Food & Wine.

That’s because it’s a quite a fire. And quite a pair of parties.

The fire will rise from the heart of a huge iron dome, its latticework draped with ribeye steaks and chicken, cooking slowly for as many as 12 hours, with a massive 10-foot-diameter custom cast-iron plancha grill sizzling shellfish and whatever’s most fresh from local fisherman. 

Everything from fennel to potatoes will roast in ashes nestled on the grounds of a $40 million estate. The party will run a cool $1,750 a la carte, and feature what promotional copy calls “an idea of life so many of … Read More

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Eat the World

A local food writer shares lessons from eating, drinking and fasting in 15 countries in 13 months


For the past 13 months, I’ve lived in 15 countries. After that, the math gets muddy. I say that because there’s no real way to count the number of weird foods I’ve tasted, obscure local liquors I’ve sipped or meaningful meals I’ve shared, from Malaysia to Mexico, across five continents.

It’s an inspiring challenge to distill a few lessons from all of my experiences, but the following vignettes from the road represent the type of food and drink revelations that await, if you have the good fortune to find yourself in the neighborhood.

Nasi lemak, Malaysia’s national dish and a ubiquitous presence.
Left: The amazing spices of the Read More
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Mark C. Anderson Tries a Year of New Eats in One Week

January 2, 2019 – It’s been 11 months and 13 countries since I last saw Monterey County and I’m happy to be home for the first time in a long time. After working as a food-and-drink writer and editor here for more than a dozen years, there were a number of standbys I was hungry to visit (including Gianni’s Pizza, Peter B’s Brewpub and Jose’s Mexican), but I arrived most eager to experience all the new developments.

That made my week here, in essence, an accelerated year-in-review of an intriguing 2018.

I beelined for Broadway in Seaside, where the major makeover—including new sidewalks, fewer car lanes and a pretty new bike lane—present a clear upgrade. But it’s also clear the real revolution lingers ahead, as at least a half dozen … Read More

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One Year After Closing, What’s Happening With 1833?

November 20, 2018 – Almost a year ago to the day, it went public that Restaurant 1833 was completing its sale to local real estate investor Constance Laub.

Only here comes Thanksgiving 2018, and 1833 remains dark.

Fortunately there’s still something stirring, and it’s not just the legendary ghosts who have occupied the place in living and corporeal form since its namesake year of construction (1833) and are reported to appear in mirrors and throw salt at service staff.

More on the sale in a minute. First, a quick review: With a spendy reinvention in 2011, Coastal Luxury Management (that also runs Pebble Beach Food & Wine, Cannery Row Brewing Company and Los Angeles Food & Wine) transformed one of the region’s most storied properties—which had been Gallatin’s and Stokes Adobe—into … Read More

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Battle Brewing Over Wharf 2 in Monterey

November 13, 2018 – With its pioneering and award-winning CSA-of-the-sea subscription service, Real Good Fish gives area fishermen reliable demand and connects its customers with all sorts of intriguing fresh, local and sustainable seafood, including recent revelations like smoked black cod raviolis (done in partnership with Bigoli Pasta).

But it was a different sort of intrigue that went out to members last month with a “Special Waterfront Call to Action” e-newsletter describing hopes for a new Real Good Fish location on the Commercial Wharf, aka Wharf II, in Monterey. RGF currently has a dockside headquarters in Moss Landing and processes fish at a facility in Watsonville with Del Mar Seafoods.

The new spot would allow more visibility for the business and a strategic spot for its partner fishermen to land … Read More

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