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ReadyCycle: Earth-Friendly Packaging Makes a Difference

Sambrailo Packaging made history back in 1987 when it introduced the very first plastic clamshell package for produce—a package that was stackable, protected, and gave customers a clear view of what was inside.

Now the Watsonville-based company is making history again, this time by developing an industry-changing corrugated cardboard container that is simple to recycle and easier on the environment.

The new package category, called ReadyCycle, can now be seen containing cherry tomatoes, figs, strawberries, and other produce items at Monterey Bay-area grocery stores and farmers’ markets, as well as at other retailers and grocers across the United States.

It was a change that the management at Sambrailo felt strongly about from the top down. President and CEO Mark Sambrailo, the third generation of the family to run the company, … Read More

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It’s a Vegan Winter at Monterey Bay Aquarium

December 11, 2018 – Matt Beaudin likes to push the envelope. The Monterey Bay Aquarium’s executive chef has broken new ground in forming partnerships with farmers and fishermen to bring local bounty to his menus. Now he’s championing another innovation: a winter menu for the aquarium restaurant featuring mostly vegan and vegetarian dishes.

It’s all part of Beaudin’s ongoing commitment to the environment, as well as a way to “get people talking,” as he puts it.

“I hope it inspires people to get excited and to understand that vegan and vegetarian food doesn’t have to be boring,” says Beaudin, who plans to launch the seasonal menu around the beginning of January. “There’s a huge message in there.”

And it’s also a call to action of sorts: Beaudin hopes it will … Read More

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Olive oil is putting tiny San Ardo on the map, with a fifth-generation family ranch now a modern day agricultural success

Greg and Cindy Traynor of 43 Ranch


Just as with wine, there’s a technique to tasting olive oil. First, warm the tasting cup in your hands for a minute or two then swirl it, the better to release the aromas. Take a good sniff, and then a slurp.

That’s right. A slurp, which spreads the oil throughout your mouth and ideally deposits a bit on the back of the tongue, allows the taster to pick up on flavor notes that can range from hints of green tomato and black pepper to cinnamon and tropical fruits.

“Those flavors don’t get captured in grocery store olive … Read More

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Brewpub and Cooking Classes Coming to Carmel Plaza

October 27, 2018 – Big changes are coming soon at Carmel Plaza shopping center. Already something of a gourmet food hub, the downtown complex will gain a highly-anticipated brewpub in December and an expanded Sur La Table store that will offer cooking classes next year.

The Yeast of Eden restaurant and microbrewery is now in the final phase of its build out on the ground level of the plaza, and co-owner J.C. Hill anticipates that it will open by the second or third week of December, barring any major problems. He is now hiring staff for the front and back of the house, with application details soon to be posted on the website (currently under construction).

“Right now we’re putting finishes on the brewery and the interiors,” says J.C., … Read More

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Fresh, Sustainable French Bistro Fare Stars at Chef Soerke Peter’s Latest Restaurant

“Your home away from home,” is how chef/owner Soerke Peters describes his latest restaurant, États-Unis French American Bistro in Carmel.

Rather than being a fussy French restaurant, Peters intends États-Unis to be a place for guests to come to relax and feel comfortable, all the while enjoying outstanding French comfort food made with organic local ingredients.

And not only is it a place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s also the right spot for meeting friends in the afternoon or evening, while having a glass of wine together and savoring charcuterie or select cheeses.

Carmel residents and regular visitors may remember this location when it was Lafayette Kitchen.

“The old Lafayette space had the perfect feel for a small Parisian bistro concept. It was French to start with, but I … Read More

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