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Ristorante Avanti Sells to Chef Jonathan Glass

November 13, 2018 – After 31 years in business, Cindy and Paul Geise—owners of beloved Ristorante Avanti in Santa Cruz—have sold the restaurant to chef Jonathan Glass. The sale was set in motion about two months ago and closed last week, surprising legions of long-time customers.

“I’ve spent more than half my life behind bars here,” jokes Paul. “You’ve gotta retire at some point, that’s basically it. ” 

Indeed. “A whole lifetime of service,” he reflects. And while they are ready to let go, it is still hard to imagine what will come next. For the Geises and also for the public. “Most people don’t realize how emotional this is, not just for me, but for my customers. I mean people have been coming here for a long time. All

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Are they born with a discerning palate?
Or are the children of local chefs
just luckier than other kids?


It’s back-to-school season, which means it’s back to lunch packing as well. We all have our own strategies and opinions when it comes to whipping up that school lunch day after day after day after day. And that is just one small part of the kid + food equation—a demanding and ever-evolving issue. The conundrum of what to prepare for kids also pertains to chefs, who, despite their expertise in the kitchen, have the additional burden of usually being at work during mealtimes. We spoke with several local chefs who have kids, to find out what really goes on in their home kitchens and … Read More

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New DIY Classes With Farmers’ Market Produce

April 24, 2018 – Three years ago marked an exciting marriage for our community. The union that took place in the early wedding season of 2015 did not feature cake or champagne. Instead, when the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market (SCCFM) tied the knot with Mountain Feed & Farm Supply, the collaboration that has followed every year since is a loving example of solid partnership.  

And luckily for all of us, these free market classes that we have grown to expect and look forward to at various market locations throughout the summer, all taught by long-time Mountain Feed super star Jessica Tunis, will continue. Expect high amounts of wit and wisdom while getting some schooling on everything from fermentation to preservation to dehydration. The classes take place in … Read More

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Santa Cruz planning new site for downtown farmers’ market

March 20, 2018 – One of the most predictable things about Wednesday afternoons in Santa Cruz is the downtown Farmers’ Market. But many of us don’t realize how tenuous that market location is, and how long the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market (SCCFM) has felt insecure about that parking lot at the junction of Cedar and Cathcart streets.

Nesh Dhillon recalls that back in 2006 the parking lot was under development review and the city wanted SCCFM to find an alternate location, which they couldn’t find despite being smaller than the market is today. But fortunately, “when the financial markets came unglued, the city backed off of that project,” he says.

Now, the future seems uncertain again. A highly controversial proposal is being considered by the Santa Cruz City Council, … Read More

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Humble Sea to Debut Beer-Wine Hybrid

February 20, 2018 – What do you do when your friend is thirsty for a little local craft beer, but you’d rather have wine? Well Humble Sea Brewing may have the answer. It’s a brand new beer-wine hybrid drink made with grape pomace from  Beauregard Vineyards. A delicious rosé version debuted at Twisted Tasting last weekend, and the brewery plans to release a heftier Vin Syrah version on Friday. 

“It’s a neat little creature,” says Shane Winkler, of his latest project, a barrel-aged beer using Syrah wine grapes. Winkler is the barrel program director at Humble Sea Brewing Co. in Santa Cruz, and he is pretty happy with how this beer-meets-wine concept turned out. “I’m itching to do it again,” he says.

The use of wine grapes in beer … Read More

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