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Beyond Pickles: Fermented Food Gets Festival of Its Own

July 11, 2017 – There’s nothing trendier right here, right now than fermented foods and expert preservationists, home brewers and fermenters are headed for Scotts Valley this weekend to take part in the first Fermentation Festival, happening at Skypark on Sunday, July 16. It is sure to be a great opportunity to sample a wide variety of fermented foods and beverages in one place, and to learn more about the benefits of consuming edibles that are alive.

Even if you don’t count yourself as one of the many folks jumping into our current fermented food renaissance, you would be surprised at how much of the stuff appears in your everyday diet: Cheese, beer, bread, yogurt, even chocolate. And while it may seem like this is a new trend (all of the sudden the Perfect Pickler is Read More

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1440 Multiversity’s Healthy Lifestyle Lineup

July 3, 2017 – Santa Cruz County’s newest and largest hospitality venue is nearing completion in the redwood forest above Scotts Valley. With capacity to house 375 guests a night and feed them three healthful, vegetable-driven meals a day, the 1440 Multiversity aims to attract a different kind of visitor—one looking for experiences, knowledge and personal growth.

A jam-packed lineup of instructors includes celebrities like Elizabeth Gilbert and Alanis Morrisette; world-class experts on meditation, yoga and psychology; and a variety of food-related classes. 

Formerly the campus of Bethany University, the property and buildings have undergone a massive $47 million renovation since being acquired by founders Scott and Joanie Kriens four years ago.

Scott—chairman of Silicon Valley’s Juniper Networks—and his wife started the 1440 Foundation in 2010 “around the belief in a whole … Read More

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Oasis Prepares to Open in Santa Cruz

May 9, 2017 – Santa Cruz is definitely a town that celebrates collaboration. Just look around at the flourishing and hyper-friendly beer community, all rubbing elbows and sharing advice with each other. A prime example of this delicious meeting of the minds is the highly anticipated opening of a dream team collaboration between Chris LaVeque of el Salchichero and Alec Stefansky of Uncommon Brewers. The umbrella business, aptly named “Oasis” is sure to become an oasis of food and drink in the revamped Farmers Exchange building on River Street. At last, the very long awaited project is grandly opening for all on Friday, May 19th.

“I’m probably gonna cry a lot when it opens, because I’m so #!&%* happy,” says LaVeque. “It’s kinda like having a baby, and after 4 years giving … Read More

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Meet the Folks Behind Soquel Fermentation Project

May 2, 2017 – For many of us beer believers, seeking out craft breweries is no longer enough. We’ve quickly moved on to searching for “micro” facilities that use 30 to 60 barrel brewing systems—as a way to find small-scale, experimental beers.

But those can still be big operations and leave us dreaming of unearthing a hidden fantasy gem. So then comes the “nano” brewery, a commercial brewery using 3 to 10 barrel systems. Sounds really small, right? Certainly these nano folks make some rare, hard-to-get beers.

We actually have a fair amount of them spread around Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties. A very common scenario goes like this: an avid homebrewer, who really geeks out on the chemistry and craft of experimental brewing, and often has some background in tech or … Read More

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At Sones Cellars in Santa Cruz, Rachel Morphy refills her
bottle with the winery’s popular Hedgehog Red blend.
Photo by Deborah Luhrman.

When you hear the word “keg,” you most likely picture red plastic cups, beer bellies, rowdiness or memories of high school parties of yore. But in the last few years, the term has started to find a home with a quite different audience. Wine on tap is becoming more and more commonplace at cafes, wine bars and upscale restaurants throughout the country.

The idea is nothing new—wine served and sold in bulk actually has a longer history than today’s commonplace 750-milliliter bottle. A wide variety of containers from barrels to wineskins have been utilized to hold the prized juice since its creation.

But now, advancements in technology and … Read More

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